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Anonymous: hi delilah. I've become interested in creating some of my own collages of some family photos & clippings, and I was wondering what type of paper you use & glue? If you have any good recommendations? thank you x

Hello! First off I think it’s really awesome to be inspired to make collages with your own family photographs. Looking back on how I got started, I remember doing things like that and it really laid a nice foundation of memory and nostalgia for the future. Any paper works well as a base, but cardstock or recycled cardboard material will make for solid backing. I use Yes! paste because it seems to be less wrinkly and crinkles the least. It’s also archival and water-based. I just use a paint brush and a little bit goes a long way. Most importantly, have fun! Just let the images move themselves into place. Be a vessel for the whole to speak through. Enjoy and thanks for the question.